OnlyFans star who sells jars of farts is flooded with DMs asking to fly her away

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A popular Instagram model and OnlyFans star has opened up about the many men who offer to fly her away with them.

Bailey, 24, from Texas, US, always knew she’d hit the big time as an influencer and is set to be the first millionaire in her family.

The “internet sensation” shares her fashion looks on Instagram, @baystayfit, where she has a whopping 366,000 followers.

But, she also earns a fortune on kinky subscription site OnlyFans where she sells jars of her own farts and even custom X-rated videos.

She noted: “I did always intend on being an influencer but I think an eye opening moment for me was seeing other girls that were built like me, who looked like me, who were successful at it.

“My mum said ‘I knew from the jump because you were so fascinated with taking photos of yourself and always talked about being famous’."

She added: “My favourite content to make is solo content because I get to be in control of what happens and my fans really love it.

“Usually basic solos only cost $10 (£8) per minute.”

Alongside earning a fortune and being able to treat herself to anything she wants – including planned plastic surgery in the future – the model loves to jet on holiday.

Her favourite spots to go are within the United States.

Bailey told the Daily Star: “My favourite destination is Miami! I absolutely love it there, the vibes it gives off and so many people there do what I do for a living.

“I have been able to travel to different states for collaborations and podcasts, I was actually on one recently in Miami, ‘Spliffs & Giggles’, watch out for it!

“I want to venture out more and go to more content events.

“I notice a lot of models go out of country to places like Cancun together. I haven’t vacationed with any models yet, but hopefully soon.”

And, she loves heading off to places with a unique energy.

Bailey added: “New Orleans is definitely the place to go when you want to see some crazy stuff!”

The model also admits she’s been asked to travel to meet fans countless times.

She commented: “I’ve been asked many times to go out of state to meet with someone.

“The amount of blue check [verified] people in my DMs wanting to meet would surprise you.”

Verified accounts such as those with the blue check on them often belong to celebrities and sports stars…

But, Bailey wants to head on holiday with other women rather than men.

She told the Travel team: “My dream destination would be Puerto Rico! Maybe I’ll find some girls to go with me.”

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