Stonehenge is just bunch of rocks with no mobile signal say crazy reviewers

Stonehenge has been branded “just a bunch of rocks” – while Blackpool is full of "alcoholics, homeless and pot heads."

The world-renowned tourist attractions came under fire from online reviewers.

It was among top UK landmarks and beauty spots. given one-star reviews by visitors.

The comments were all posted on the Tripadvisor website in the last year.

Stonehenge met with some criticism from several reviewers including one who wrote: ““It’s just a bunch of rocks”

Another said of the historic landmark: “Great people but it’s just an over glorified pile of rocks.

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"Bad weather and no mobile signal. Dissatisfied and disappointed.”

Another branded the monument “one of them rip off attractions”.

The seaside resort of Blackpool came in for some stick with one person describing the seafront as 'traumatising'

They said: “I was dragged along to Blackpool for an evening walk along the promenade, which is in total darkness, having to navigate our way around the alcoholics, homeless and pot heads. Never again.”

A visitor to the town’s iconic tower wrote: “We essentially paid to queue up for a lift, watch a five-minute 3D advert and then wander around admiring a view that I can get from parking on a multi storey car park.”

Somebody posted a review of the Natural History Museum, in London, saying: “Biggest load of crap I’ve ever visited.”

A review of a trip to Canterbury cathedral said: “£14 is too expensive to see an old church. Better to go to Vatican which has more history and is free.”

A climber who went up Ben Nevis, in Scotland, wrote: “Rubbish day. It was very cold and snowy. Couldn’t see anything.”

The poor reviews were all posted in the last year.

But they are heavily outnumbered by rave reviews of all the same places that hundreds of people gave five-star ratings to.

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