Pasta fanatic fancied penne so much she travelled 779 miles to Italy – for £10

A penne-pinching foodie treated herself to a proper Italian lunch – by flying to Milan for some pasta.

Sabrina Khaloon, 26, wanted to treat herself to a special meal, so flew halfway across the continent – and managed to pay just £10 for the trip.

After craving some real Italian food, Sabrina decided she would head to the capital of pasta and book a cheap flight to Milan to experience the finest penne.

Documenting her trip, Sabrina only went for the day, which meant she only needed her handbag and sunglasses with her.

Claiming she has expensive taste and a low budget, Sabrina knows how to get the best out of life.

She said: “Why buy pizza or pasta in London when you can visit Italy and get the real thing, and for a lot cheaper too.

“It costs £10 to get to Covent Garden, so I thought I may as well pay £10 to get to Milan.

“Because I was only going for the day I didn’t need to pay for luggage, I just brought my handbag.

“I definitely made the most of the food whilst I was there; I had pizza, pasta, gelato and tiramisu.

“People associate leaving the country as a big deal, but it was just like getting on the Tube to go to London. It was so easy.

“If you look for the right flights and know where to look you will always find the best deals

“I knew Milan had regular flights to London so I knew I could do it in a day.

“I just wanted some proper pasta.

Sabrina has a travel bucket list of places she wants to visit next, and always updating her social media accounts with the best flight deals she finds.

Sabrina adds: “I always post videos on the best flights, how much they cost and where to look for them.

“I show how easy it is to live a luxury life on a budget, I want to get a full life experience and I know how to do it on a budget.

“My mum has always been keen to make us travel, her priority when I was younger was to travel and for me to experience as much as possible. she was always good at looking at the best flight and hotel deals so I get it from her. It is something I will always remember.

“You can live great life experiences without being a millionaire and I show people how.

“I regularly look on sky scanner at flights, and I do my research on which days to book and fly on.

“Tuesday evenings are usually the cheapest times to book flights and I share all my hacks online.

“I definitely have the travel bug and I will definitely be doing some more day trips soon.”

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