Passenger disgusted by woman’s bare ‘stinky’ foot next to leg for entire flight

A social media user shared their horror this week after a woman removed her shoes on a flight.

While many of us have seen people take off their shoes on a long plane ride it’s not always nice to see.

Flight attendants have warned passengers not to remove their socks or shoes while walking around due to unhygienic floors in the loos of the plane.

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Plus, if your feet swell up while flying from the air pressure you might not get your shoes back on!

Unfortunately for one recent flyer, a fellow passenger decided to take off their sliders on the plane.

Plus, they then put their feet up on the seat next to the offended holidaymaker who could smell a “stinky” scent emanating from their toes.

Posting on Reddit, the person shared a snap of the woman’s manicured bare feet.

She left one foot inside her sandals and placed the other right next to the person’s leg.

He wrote: “Had to deal with this for the entire flight, blech. Stinky.”

The post went viral with over 4,000 upvotes and over 850 comments.

Most were disgusted by the rude act.

One commenter suggested: “Just say ‘excuse me, but your feet smell really bad. Could you please cover them, so I don’t have to call for help?’”

While another added: “Whoever does that deserves to have no feet, it's just gross.”

“People that don’t wear closed toe shoes on airplanes are f***in’ foul,” exclaimed another.

Another said: “No, this is not OK.”

However, some jokesters turned it into an opportunity for a laugh.

One giggled: “Start massaging them and see where it goes…”

“Some guys would pay extra for your seat,” another noted.

While a third added: “You also cross your leg and high-five her foot with your foot.”

What would you do in this situation? Tell us in the comments…


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