Plane passengers’ petty fight over window blind divides internet

A video shows a bust-up between two plane passengers over whether a window blind should be open or closed – with viewers branding the behaviour "petty" even though it is apparently staged.

In the clip, a woman sitting behind a man on a domestic flight in the US keeps trying to shut his blind, only for him to open it again and refuse to keep it closed.

The woman asks: "Can you just keep it shut, please? I’m trying to sleep."

"I want it up," he replies, "I like to see where we're going."

The woman then flips a button on the ceiling of the plane and tells him: "I called the attendant, you're being ridiculous."

Flipping it open again, the man seemingly provokes more anger from the woman.

"You don’t own this plane," she says.

The woman also accuses him of it "assault" when he tries to flip her hand away as she moves in to close his blind again.

Narrating what he claims happened on TikTok, a man called @will_mantey1 said it was his window and the woman was offered an eye mask by a flight attendant, only to refuse and be moved to another seat.

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He received an outpouring of support when he uploaded the clip, getting more than 4 million "likes" and thousands of sympathetic comments.

One said: "That’s your window. You paid for that seat.

"I think you handled this in the best way possible."

"She doesn’t own that window," blasted another viewer.

A third person commented: "She should have just asked nicely instead of rudely forcing you."

Bizarrely, another TikTok user, @theadleyshow, said she was the woman in the viral video and her brother was the one flipping the blind open – with the whole thing an innocent joke never intended to be taken seriously.

Adley said she uploaded the video on Facebook last month.

In a video, she says: "So this guy Will is claiming he was the person in front of me on this flight and I called the flight attendant and she brought me an eye mask and I had to move chairs… none of that is true.

"No hard feelings to you Will, if you're getting a lot of attention from it, but obviously I don’t want people thinking I'm a total Karen."

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