Prince Charles: Royal packs his own blood when he travels for grisly emergency

Prince Charles less popular than Prince William claims expert

Prince Charles has been on numerous royal visits abroad both alone and with his spouses. There’s plenty for the royal staff to think about on such trips. Packing the right belongings is of utmost importance.

While most people focus on whether they’ve got enough pairs of pants or a toothbrush, packing for Prince Charles is a bit more extreme.

His health is of utmost importance – and popping a pack of paracetamol in his toiletry bag just won’t cut it.

In fact, one key item the Duke of Cornwall takes away with him is something the vast majority of travellers would never even consider.

Prince Charles packs a bag of his own blood.

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It might sound very strange and gruesome indeed but the explanation for the blood is serious.

It’s needed in case an emergency blood transfusion should be necessary without his health being jeopardised.

The Duke, as first in line to the throne, will also always travel with a Royal Navy doctor.

He’s not alone in this, Queen Elizabeth, 94, also packs a bag of her own blood and takes a Royal Navy doctor with her.

Royal reporter Gordon Rayner, who has been on 20 royal tours, explained the crucial role of the physician.

The Royal Navy doctor will have to research the nearest hospitals carefully in advance, he told The Telegraph.

He will also bring with him key equipment at all times in case an accident should occur.

The doctor will carry “a bulky medical bag containing a mobile defibrillator and all manner of emergency medicine,” he said.

The medical expert is said to be never more than a few steps away from the Queen while she is on royal engagements abroad.

Prince William, 38, third in line to the throne, is also understood to take his own blood with him, too.

However, younger members of the royal family do not travel with a Royal Navy doctor.

Instead of travelling with their own medics, Prince Harry, 36, and William will have local doctors assigned to them.

These medical experts are among a large entourage who accompany state visits.

Kate Middleton, 39, and William’s last major state visit abroad was to Pakistan in October 2019 and they took a whopping 14 members of staff on the five-day trip.

Two private secretaries were among this cohort. There was also a communications secretary and four other members of the comms team.

Additionally, there were two assistant private secretaries, their PA, programme coordinators and Kate’s hairdresser.

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