‘Really gross’ passenger ‘icks’ flight attendant warns against

Flight attendant reveals most 'irritating' type of passenger

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Kat Kamalani is a former flight attendant with six years of experience working for a US airline. She has shot to online fame more recently thanks to her TikTok videos, where she shares insights into her former career as well as lifestyle content, with an audience of 964.7K followers.

During her time flying, she said there were certain behaviours passengers would exhibit which gave her “the ice”. These range from unhygienic actions to interactions which left her shuddering. Kat explained: “I was a flight attendant for six years and these were our icks when travelling.”

One of the worst-received passenger behaviours is one which may be seemingly innocent at first but has been dubbed as “gross” by commenters.

Kat explained: “When you see someone going to the lavatory with no shoes on and bare feet.”


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Although you may like to get comfortable in your seat and slip off your shoes for a long journey, it’s always advised you pop them back on when visiting the lavatory.

Given the humidity onboard flights, any drop of liquid is likely to dry quickly, meaning you might unknowingly step into a puddle of dried germs.

Experts from Travel Update explained: “Spillages on the floor of toilets will evaporate, leaving no evidence to the naked eye. But you can be sure that your besocked foot is doing the cleaner’s job for them and wiping it up quite nicely.

“You’ll then put that foot back in your shoe and forever have a souvenir of your flight.”

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Commenting on Kat’s TikTok video, a passenger posting under the name Violet and Olive said: “To this day, I’m traumatised by a woman in front of me barefoot in the lav and then putting her feet on the window/wall/tray table.” [SIC]

Another commoner named Adrian added: “Um, excuse me?!! Bare feet on a plane?!! Are people really this freaking gross!”[SIC]

Kat’s second “ick” is another passenger action which may be well-intentioned, but can leave grew shuddering. The cabin crew often make rounds through the cabin to collect leftover rubbish, Kat said certain items should only be handed over when the crew have a bin or bag with them.

“When someone handed you a poopy diaper or a barf bag and you didn’t have a garbage can with you and they expect you to grab it with your hands,” she said.

As well as focusing on safety and lack of flight etiquette. Kat explained: “When there is turbulence or you are climbing or about to land the plane and people ring the call light button.”

During take-off, landing and periods of turbulence, the pilot will switch on the fasten seatbelt sign to ensure the safety of everyone onboard. This means the crew are also expected to take their seats unless there is an emergency.

Flight etiquette extends beyond the rules of the plane though, as Kat revealed she is sometimes faced with inappropriate encounters. Putting it simply, she said: “Married men hitting on you.”

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