Remote ‘forgotten village’ in Wales has one of the best beach bars in the world

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A remote village in Wales actually boasts one of the best beach bars in the world.

Nicknamed "Land's End in Wales", Snowdon’s Arm in the Llyn Peninsula promises to be a unique adventure for your next staycation, promising all the stories you’d expect from a remote location.

While this village is tiny, stretching to less than 50 kilometres long, it has a rich past with over 2000 years of Welsh history and even has one of the best pubs in the world.

On the Llyn Peninsula, you'll find the "forgotten village' of Nant Gwrtheyrn. After laying in a state of complete disrepair for four decades, it reopened in 2011 as a cultural centre.

The village is home to both famous and sometimes rarely heard Welsh folktales like that of Rhys and Meinir, a tragic love story to rival a Shakespearian tragedy, 2Chill reports.

It is one of the quirks of the Land’s End in Wales which makes it worth a visit.

The wedding quest and lost bride

An old village tradition told of a 'wedding quest' where the bride to be would run and hide on the morning of her wedding and the groom’s friends would have to find her.

It is said one woman, Meinir, keeping with tradition, hid on the morning of her wedding and the guests left to find her. They could not locate her, and when the groom Rhys was informed he ran all over the village, searching high and low for his bride.

He searched for months, and gradually lost his mind.

One stormy night he took shelter under a tree. Moments later, it is said the tree was struck by lightning and struck in two to reveal a corpse in a wedding dress.

Realising it was Meinir, Rhys fell and died next to the skeleton, finally reunited with his love – or so the story goes.

Visitors claim they have seen two ghosts walking hand in hand along the beach – a man with long hair and a beard, and a woman with sockets for eyes.

A symbolic tree remains in the village commemorating the story and to see even more of the legendary place, above the village are three peaks on the mountain Yr Eifl.

On a clear day, you can see as far as the Isle of Man, the Wicklow mountains in Ireland, across to the Lake District and down to Cardigan Bay.

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Beach pub is one of the best in the world

Slightly further along the coast is Ty Coch Inn, the third top-rated beach bar in the world.

It is only accessible by foot, a 20-minute walk from the nearest car park making it one of the most remote pubs in the UK.

It is on the beach of Porthdinllaen and owned by the National Trust, which has only around two dozen buildings.

The village itself sits on a small jut of land which merges with the Irish Sea.

Perfect for swimming and wildlife watching, grey seals and dolphins are no strangers to this coast.

On the southern end of the Llyn Peninsula is Hell’s Mouth or Porth Neigwl, a three-mile long beach which curves back in on itself, earning the nickname.

It is also called so for its savage waters, hated by sailors but loved by surfers.

Whether you are after history, legend, beaches or just a pint, the Llyn Peninsula has something for everyone.

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