Rich Holiday Poor Holiday viewers mock Channel 5 over major ‘muddle’ – ‘you’ve been had’

Rich Holiday, Poor Holiday: Sunil and Nilesh try to set up tent

Rich Holiday Poor Holiday airs every Sunday and attracts hordes of viewers eager to see which holidays the two families get sent on. This week’s episode had been on for a matter on minutes before Channel 5 was mocked for an apparent blunder. Today’s show saw wealthy businessmen Sunil and Nilesh – who are “more used to five-star Dubai resorts” – head to a Wiltshire campsite.

The episode saw the rich pals arrive at the rural spot in a luxury car.

“The 100k Bentley finally comes into its own,” the narrator can be heard saying.

However, Rich Holiday Poor Holiday viewers were quick to slam the television network.

Many took to Twitter to claim the car was a Chrysler and said it wasn’t as expensive as the narrator made out.

“That isn’t a £100k bentley that’s a £4k chrysler 300c lol you’ve been had,” one person tweeted.

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“#richholidaypoorholiday it not a Bentley, it’s a Chrysler,” another wrote.

“Not a Bentley it’s a cheap as chips Chrysler!!” a third agreed.

In fact, some viewers were unimpressed with the setup.

“The Chrysler isn’t a Bentley, and the ‘campsite’ is some random farmers field!” one tweeted.

A second commented: “@channel5_tv Can’t help but call you out on tonight’s #richholidaypoorholiday a multi millionaire playing pool in a council house on a child’s pool table, then driving his 12 year old chrysler 300c to a fake camp site. All while you’re claiming he’s driven there in a 100k Bentley.”

What’s more, they doubted that ‘poor’ Suzanne and Ursula would ever go on such a holiday.

“Not trying to be judgemental but there is no way those 2 women normally do a camping holiday like this just the 2 of them,” one wrote.

“Some how I don’t think those girls would holiday in a tent with three ducks and a horse for entertainment,” another commented.

“Thinking these are all actors on #richholidaypoorholiday seems a bit sus,” a third added.

The show’s current series has been criticised more than once for not sending the ‘poor’ families on the sort of holidays the ‘rich’ groups would actually go on.

In today’s episode, friends Suzanne and Ursula experienced a ‘rich’ holiday and headed to an 18th-century stately manor house in Portugal on a fine wine and dining experience.

However, Twitter users claimed this wasn’t really good enough.

“This series is really low budget now. The rich holidays never represent what they would actually go on,” one posted.

“How can they send someone to Portugal and call it luxury,” another said.

It was a similar tale last week, in episode three of Rich Holiday Poor Holiday, when viewers were shocked by the ‘rich’ holiday the poor family was given.

In the showing, single mum-of-three Nadine Newman swapped her family’s yearly trip to a caravan park in Cromer, Norfolk, with that of self-made South Yorkshire multi-millionaires Gail and Matt Waterman.

This rich couple have two sons and normally head to Dubai or Mexico for blowout holidays.

Despite this, the Newman clan were not flown to a destination anywhere near as exotic.

Instead, Nadine, her mum and her two daughters headed to Germany where they enjoyed an adventure holiday and stayed in a tree house.

Viewers took to Twitter to share their shock that such a rustic dwelling was all they got despite the luxury foreign jollies the Watermans normally take.

One Twitter user wrote: “So rich family tells us how they holiday in Cancun … and for rich holiday the poor family get sent to a tree house in Germany.

Another wrote: “A tree house, are they taking the p***? That’s not luxury.”

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