Smirnoff Is Spending $50K to Upgrade Holiday Travelers From the Middle Seat

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If you ended up having to book a middle seat for your trip home this holiday season, Smirnoff might have an upgrade for you.

The spirit maker, which is owned by Diageo, is promoting its spiked seltzer by spending up to $50,000 this holiday season to upgrade passengers in the middle seat to something a little nicer, “because fighting for the armrest between a loud chewer and a shoulder napper is no way to get your holiday spirit on.”

In order to enter you have to be currently assigned a middle seat on a non-stop domestic flight happening between 12/17 and 1/31.

Smirnoff has a page set up where you can enter your flight information and seat number, as well as your flight confirmation number. You’ll also have to explain in a few words why an upgrade would start your holidays off right.

If you’re planning on starting them off in a middle seat, then we’re sure you’ll be able to come up with a few ideas for that one.

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