Storm Ciaran chaos as BA cancels flights and easyJet and Jet2 issue warnings

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    Storm Ciaran has hit the UK causing wind speeds of up to 100mph and waves that have reportedly reached heights of 14m.

    As a result of the adverse weather, Brits have been facing a series of travel chaos with flights grounded, ferries cancelled and disruption to train journeys.

    British Airways has already grounded 30 domestic and European flights, with passengers being offered options such as travelling on a different service, or receiving a full refund. It's not the only airline to face cancellations, as Dutch airline KLM has scrapped all flights to and from the Netherlands until the end of the day.

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    Meanwhile, easyJet and Jet2 have issued warnings of potential delays and disruptions for passengers. In a statement on its website easyJet has warned passengers to keep an eye on their flight tracker before heading to the airport, and urging them to leave more time for their journey.

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    They added: "If there are any changes to your flight schedule, we’ll let you know as soon as we can via email and sms using the details provided at the time of booking and check-in. If you’ve booked a flight with us and your flight is cancelled, you will be able to transfer your flight free of charge to your destination or request a voucher or refund by logging onto Manage Bookings."

    Meanwhile, Jet2 has asked passengers due to travel to keep an eye on their travel updates for at least 12 hours before their flight, as well as aiming to arrive at the airport at least two hours before their scheduled departure time.

    A statement on its website reads: " regrets to advise that there may be possible disruption to the flying programme today due to adverse weather conditions affecting the UK (Storm Ciaran). Please accept our sincere apologies however, as you may appreciate, today’s situation is completely outside of our control.

    "Please observe the departure screens for updated information and listen out for any announcements as we will do our utmost to get your flight underway as soon as possible. On behalf of we would like to apologise for any delay to your departure and for any inconvenience or disruption caused to your travel plans."

    When an airline cancels a flight you're automatically entitled to a full refund. You may be offered alternatives such as rebooking to a different flight or receiving credit which you are welcome to choose, but if you'd prefer the refund you are entitled to it.

    However, unfortunately it's unlikely that Brits affected by the cancellations and delays will be able to get compensation. This is because airlines will be able to claim 'extraordinary circumstances' aka something outside of their control, such as the adverse weather.

    It's not just airlines which have faced disruption due to the storms – ferry operators have also had to cancel a series of sailings. DFDS Ferries has cancelled all sailings between the UK and France until Friday morning, while Condor Ferries stopped sailings to and from Jersey until Saturday.

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