The best winter staycations named – northern lights, thermal spa and reindeer

The Aurora Zone: Time-lapse shows stunning Northern Lights

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There’s more to a winter holiday than snow. With the world still largely restricted due to the pandemic, a winter holiday in the UK may be the option of choice for many Britons.

British holidaymakers don’t need to miss out on the Northern Lights, reindeer or thermal hot springs.

The UK is home to some fantastic winter holiday spots.

Britons dreaming of geothermal hot springs may have the Blue Lagoon in Iceland on their bucket list.

A UK alternative, however, is Bath and the Thermae Spa, the only natural thermal spa in Britain.

Holidaymakers dreaming of beaches could head to Devon, and while the temperatures are not quite Barbados, they will find plenty of sandy beaches and beautiful vistas.

Alternatively, heading to the North Norfolk coast will also offer plenty of beaches and wildlife.

For a truly cosy winter break, Britons may dream of quaint, snow-covered European towns.

Or they could go to the country’s smallest city, Wells, in Somerset.

The perfect combination of city and nature, Wells has plenty to offer holidaymakers this time of year.

Nature lovers with a longing for dark skies, coastal paths and very few people may want to go to Northumberland.

The Northumberland National Park is the least visited and also boasts “the most pristine dark skies in England”.

The area is perfect for stargazing, walking the beautiful coastal path or getting a drink or two at a local pub.

Britons dreaming of a ski resort in Switzerland should head north to Scotland.

The Nevis Range Ski Resort has plenty of opportunities for sporty holidaymakers to hit the slopes.

Scotland also has the only free ranging heard of reindeer in Britain.

If a trip to Lapland can’t happen this year, holidaymakers should go to Cairngorm Mountains instead to spot the arctic animals.

For a winter holiday with a light show, Britons should go to the northernmost tip of the UK.

The closest UK point of the North Pole, the Shetland Islands offer plenty of wilderness, cold weather and even a very special light show.

For those who dream of seeing the northern lights but can’t make the trip to Norway, Shetland is the answer.

One of the best places to see the northern lights, the Shetland Islands are part of the UK.

While they may not be as accessible as some of the other destinations on this list, the islands are a great winter staycation spot.

The best UK winter spots



North Norfolk Coast

Wells, Somerset


Nevis Range Ski Resort, Scotland

Shetland Islands


Sweetcombe Cottage Holidays 

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