The Holiday Guru answers coronavirus-related travel questions

Scam health insurance card websites and Jet2 refunds: The Holiday Guru tackles Brexit and Covid travel issues

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This week he offers advice on booking a trip to watch an American football game and the new Global Health Insurance Cards.

Q. We have been enjoying following American football in the run-up to the Super Bowl next month. Post lockdown, how will we be able to arrange trips to see games?

Mr and Mrs Fitzwilliam, London.

Hut, hut, hike! NFL Super Bowl action last year between Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers

A. The Super Bowl in Tampa, Florida on February 7 marks the culmination of the 2020 American football season. A new one begins in the autumn. Stadiums should be open by September, and tickets can be bought via For packages, see or

Q. Five friends and I booked a six-day West Highland Way walking holiday in May 2020 that was postponed until this May. If this is cancelled, can we get a refund of the £115 deposit?

Elizabeth Hamilton, via email.

A. If the lockdown causes a trip to be cancelled, you should be due a refund, says consumer watchdog the Competition and Markets Authority. For more details, visit the ‘Statement on coronavirus (COVID-19), consumer contracts, cancellation and refunds’ webpage at

Q. My Jet2 break in Gran Canaria was cut short owing to Covid. Can I get a refund for the days we lost?

Philip Jones, via email.

A. Yes, if you booked a package holiday. This does not hold true if you bought Jet2 flights, and booked hotels separately.

Q. We paid a £400 deposit for a TUI cruise in May. The balance (£4,000) is due 12 weeks before. Should we pay it?

Jack Perry, via email.

A. TUI says your money is safe as you will receive a refund if the cruise is cancelled. If you made the booking after October, you are able to change it to any TUI holiday on sale up to 21 days before departure.

Q. I thought the new Global Health Insurance Cards (GHIC) replacing European Health Insurance Cards (EHIC) were free, but when I went online, a company wanted to charge me £29.98.

Mr J. S. Jones, via email.

A. GHIC cards are free via Sadly, scam websites have been set up to trick people into handing over money.

Q. Will EHIC or GHIC cards be valid in Switzerland?

J. R. Hall, via email.

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A. No. The NHS says GHICs count only in EU countries, so not in Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland (which were once covered).

Q. I have no computer. Is there any other way to apply for a GHIC card?

Ken Williams, London SW19.

A. Call 0191 218 1999, the NHS Overseas Healthcare Services number, open Monday to Friday, from 8am to 6pm.


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