The Knot Wants to Help 21 Deserving Essential Workers Plan and Pay for Their Dream Proposal

The pandemic has most certainly robbed people of many joyous parts of life. However, The Knot wants you to know that love itself cannot be canceled. In fact, in 2021, the wedding website says "it's essential."

In February, The Knot launched its new #LoveisEssential Campaign to help 21 deserving essential worker couples live out their dream proposals this year.

"At The Knot, we know that love is essential," the website shared in an Instagram post, showing off the proposal of Steven and Raaga, both resident physicians at hospitals in Texas.

"Raaga loves a good surprise, and Steven knew that proposing live on @GoodMorningAmerica as part of our #LoveisEssential campaign was truly a surprise of epic proportions. She said yes (of course!)."

But the love doesn't stop with Raaga and Steven. The site is still on the hunt for more first responder couples who may need a little proposal assistance.

The #LoveisEssential Campaign will consist of personalized, one-of-a-kind marriage proposals for the selected couples thanks to The Knot's network of vendors across the country who are ready and willing to work with the proposers to ensure everything is perfect.

"We know the past year has been difficult for everyone, especially for those who have continued to selflessly serve their communities and help individuals around the nation while working on the front lines throughout this pandemic—For that, we are incredibly grateful," Lauren Kay, executive editor at The Knot shared with Travel Leisure. "We wanted to give back and thank the entire essential worker community, so we thought how better to do that than by doing what we do best — helping couples as they take the next step toward marriage!"

All interested parties need to do is ensure both the proposer and proposee are essential workers and email the website at [email protected] with why their romance is the perfect fit for the campaign.

According to Kay, they are specifically looking for "deserving couples with unique love stories" and will be "leaning on the wedding pro community to create each of these moments, as they too have experienced a very difficult year both personally and professionally due to COVID-19. From planners and florists to photographers and videographers, we'll be working with wedding vendors across the nation to help celebrate these 21 deserving couples."

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