The TSA's New Working Canine Calendar Is Here to Make Your 2021 Better

TSA dogs pose for portraits

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is on a mission to make sure your 2021 is as adorable as it should be. 

In January, the TSA released its new 2021 TSA dog calendar featuring some of the cutest pups on the force.

According to The Arizona Republic, the calendar not only includes 12 ridiculously cute photos of dogs at work, but it also includes information and fun facts about each dog to help everyone get to know just who is sniffing their bags. 

One of the dogs is Rony, a Vizla who works at Chicago Midway Airport with his handler, John. According to the calendar, "Rony has a lot of favorite treats. He thinks that anything edible is fair game!" He doesn't have a favorite toy, but does prefer things that squeak. 

"Rony has his sights on being President one day. He already knows how to command a room and is ready to make that leap after retirement," the calendar added. 

Then there's Hunter, a German short-haired pointer who works at the Los Angeles International Airport. Hunter, the calendar explains, loves a good ice cube for a treat. He happens to be the ideal dog for his job as he apparently loves all airports, but especially LAX. "He truly enjoys going to work and loves his job of keeping the skies safe," the calendar notes. As for toys, Hunter "lives for his Nylabone and large squeaky tennis balls."

He also apparently loves watching movies too. His favorite is "Wizard of Oz" because he "can't get enough of the Tin Man." 

The best part about the calendar? It's completely free. Anyone can grab their copy by heading over to the TSA's website, clicking on the calendar, and downloading it right to their desktop. From there, just print it out and tack it to the wall as a reminder that there are still cute things coming in 2021. 

Stacey Leasca is a journalist, photographer, and media professor. Send tips and follow her on Instagram now. 

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