This is why adventure-lovers will want to fly to Menorca ASAP

From sun-drenched kayak expeditions around gorgeous beaches to biking through the wilderness: This is why adventure-lovers will want to fly to Menorca ASAP

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The laid-back sister to Ibiza and Majorca is a haven of dreamy scenery and surprising wildlife…

Sunbathe or cool off on a water-based adventure of the coast at Cala Pregonda

They call Menorca the laid-back Balearic isle, where you can still have empty coves of golden sands all to yourself and where the pace of life is deliciously slow.

While its sister islands Ibiza and Majorca have been busy welcoming tourists since the 1960s, Menorca enjoyed a more relaxed experience, quietly creating protected areas where wildlife could thrive and living a rural existence. Here you’ll also find some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean (and the best bit is that not everyone else has realised yet).

So, with Menorca now firmly on the map for slow travel afficionados, is flying direct to the island from ten UK airports, so there’s never been a better time to go. In England, you can jet out of Leeds Bradford, Manchester or Newcastle, Bristol, London Stansted, East Midlands or Birmingham. Menorca flights also depart from both Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland and Belfast International in Northern Ireland. 

And with great deals, convenient flight times and friendly service, it’s a relaxing way to start your holiday. You’ll even have 10kg of hand luggage included in your ticket, to make the journey even easier.

The hidden gem of the Balearics

Trebaluger Beach – one of Menorca’s many stunning sandy stretches

Picture waters of such brilliance they rival the peacock’s feather, soft sands and the protective embrace of rocky cliffs and you could be imagining any number of beaches that fringe Menorca.

Some are broad and sweeping, like Cala Galdana and Son Saura, while others are so small it feels like you’re the first person to discover them, such as Calo Blanc. Others require a hike to reach them, adding even more charm to the beach experience. You’ll need patience to reach Cala Escorxada, Calal Trebaluger and Cala del Pilar, but their breathtaking beauty makes the sun-soaked walk more than worth it.

Cala Turqueta is a popular swimming spot due to its dreamy turquoise lagoon, at Cala Pregonda ochre sands front crystalline waters that are perfect for snorkelling, while Cala Mitjaneta is a lesser-known gem hidden away by cliffs and home to white sands and sea caves.

Every beach on the island remains in its natural, unspoiled state. This is because Menorca has long prided itself on maintaining the delicate balance between protecting its natural treasures and promoting economic development. For its efforts, Menorca was bestowed with the title Unesco Biosphere Reserve in 1993.

It’s a title the island takes seriously, protecting vast areas of flora and fauna. It all makes for a wonderful back-to-nature experience whether you are snorkelling to spot colourful marine life, or looking out for seabirds that range from whistling ducks and common coots to nesting peregrine falcons and vultures.

And it doesn’t end at sunset. Just two years ago, Menorca was also named a Starlight Reserve and Starlight Destination, thanks to the clarity of its night skies and the ideal atmospheric conditions. So when the sun goes down, you can simply look skywards to continue the adventure.

Sea dreams

Hit the ocean on a vessel of your choice and explore Menorca’s many hidden coves and sea caves

Here there is a beach for every type of sunseeker. Do you prefer relaxed days stand-up paddleboarding in calm waters? Or would you prefer to take a kayak trip to get up-close to sea caves, sport seabirds and find hidden inlets and headlands to explore?

Set sail and let the gentle Mediterranean breeze decide your destination, whether you are learning to dinghy sail or setting off on a yacht to nose your way around the coast. Windsurfing and kitesurfing abound too, with the northern beaches of Tirant and Cavalleria and southern spots Punta Prima and Son Bou known for their steady winds.

Looking to relax in complete calm? Rent a boat and head to a hidden cove that can only be reached by sea. Drop anchor, swim in waters of the clearest blue.

Of course, with a protected coastline, one of the most exciting places to be is below the surface of the sea. The waters of Menorca are teeming with marine life that you can spot whether your snorkelling or heading out on a scuba diving excursion. Keep and eye out for sunfish, moray eels and barracuda as well as yellowtube sponge. If you’re lucky you may even spot a seahorse or loggerhead sea turtle.

Active adventures

Warm your skin on land and get the blood pumping with a rejuvenating mountain bike session around the island

Menorca enjoys a delightful 250 days of sunshine per year. That means there are plenty of outdoor activities available year-round. If you can tear yourself away from the picture-perfect beaches, venture inland and explore cliffs and rolling countryside and valleys.

Those in the know have long favoured Menorca for its world-class hiking, with routes criss-crossing the island. The most famous of these is the Cami de Cavalls, a 115-mile circuit that runs the entire coast of the island and one you can explore on foot or by bike. It has been around as far back as the 13th Century when horseback patrols used the route to guard Menorca against attacks. And for equine enthusiasts, there are other great trails perfect for both avid and amateur horseback riders, too.

With no steep inclines, Menorca is a cyclist’s dream, meaning you can enjoy a leisurely peddle no matter your fitness level. Challenge yourself with some rolling hills, or stick to flat routes that wend their way around the island through pine woodlands and past sandy beaches.

There are 21 routes across the island and somehow, this quiet, sustainable and relaxed way of seeing the island fits in perfectly with the culture of laid-back Menorca.

An unforgettable experience

Every part of Menorca, from its dreamy coves and inlets, to its mountains and inland hiking and biking trails, makes for the perfect holiday. And when you travel with that holiday feeling begins the moment you step aboard.

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