Tourists could save by flying on a ‘wonky weekend’

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Cody Candee, CEO and founder of Bounce, shared their top tips to bag a budget holiday this year. From when to book to insurance, there are a few ways Brits could cut costs on a trip to a dream destination.

Be flexible

Cody said: “This goes for both your destination and time of travel. If you have a region in mind, don’t just look at flights to/from the main airport, look at others nearby.

“You can then weigh up the cost of flying directly to the main airport or travelling to your destination from a nearby airport.

“You could also consider staying outside of popular tourist destinations and travelling in. If you can be flexible with your dates too, this will also help keep costs down, such as travelling during off-season periods.”

Flexibility could be key to saving money on a holiday. Whether it’s visiting outside of peak season or travelling to a cheaper alternative, Brits may be able to cut their costs.

Try a wonky weekend

Cody advised: “It is commonly known that travelling mid-week will offer you cheaper tickets when it comes to flights, trains and buses, but what if you can’t take that much holiday from work?

“Travelling from Saturday to Monday rather than Friday to Sunday will mean not only bagging cheaper deals but avoiding those chaotic ‘rush hours’.”

Although Friday to Sunday may seem a more obvious choice, tourists could save money travelling from Saturday to Monday.

They will still only need to book one day off work but could save a small fortune on their flights.

Save on insurance

Cody said: “Travel insurance is often left until the last minute, but this can drive costs higher.

“Set aside ample time before travelling to find the best insurance deals. Consider if you will be travelling more than once this year, in which case, annual cover may be cheaper.

“Finally, don’t buy insurance from the travel operator straight away, shop around. This type of cover from the travel operator is unlikely to be tailored to you, and may be more expensive than you can find elsewhere.”

Tourists could get a better offer on travel insurance if they buy it on an annual or six month basis.

Set up price alerts for flights

Cody said: “This sounds simple, yet so many travellers forget this key step in grabbing the best flight deals.

“Setting up price alerts will allow you to be notified any time a flight you’re interested in drops in price, meaning you can be the first to get the deal.

“Apps such as Skyscanner offer this service as well as the website Kayak.”

Price alerts will keep British tourists in the loop if there’s a particular destination they’re desperate to travel to.

Be a savvy booker

Cody said: “It may be well known that flight prices can fluctuate throughout the week, but few people know to book in the afternoon.

“Prices can drop cheaper during later hours of the day after business travellers book most of their flights.

“To make sure you are getting the cheapest prices on flights, don’t just look on the major comparison websites, as often the smaller sites can have bigger discounts.

“Staying loyal to a hotel chain is another great way to save when booking your trip. This way you can open up a credit card with the hotel to collect points which can be used the next time you travel.”

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