Two out of three air travellers say they want all onboard to be vaccinated

Two thirds of airline passengers who voted in a snap Twitter poll say they want everyone onboard their plane to be vaccinated against coronavirus.

The two-hour poll was conducted on 20 February and attracted nearly 8,000 self-selecting responses.

The question posed was: “If you travel by air (in normal times), would you make any personal stipulation about the vaccination status of passengers and crew before stepping onboard?”

While 31 per cent answered “No,” and 5 per cent said they wanted the crew to be vaccinated, a clear majority – 64 per cent, or almost two out of three – selected: “Everyone must be jabbed.”

Many respondents added comments.

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James Crichton wrote: “If you want to fly, it’s reasonable to expect people to protect themselves and others before boarding a plane.

“If it’s also the only way to get into certain holiday destinations then I’m totally in the programme.”

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“JustaMuso” commented: “We all need to be given the vaccine, both doses. It’s the sensible approach.

“Whenever we’ve travelled on backpacking holidays we’ve had all the necessary jabs. I found cholera one of the worst. Covid is quite gentle in comparison.”

Richard Surr suggested: “People who opt out of the vaccine should pay a higher premium for their travel insurance as they will be at higher risk of infection.”

But there was plenty of opposition to making vaccination a pre-condition for flying.

Dr Eleanor Staniforth wrote: “How long will young people have to wait to be vaccinated? Are we to be banned from travel e.g. to see family until then? I think testing is enough and creates a more level playing field.

“And bear in mind a lot of the narrative this year has revolved around ‘sacrifice your normal life to protect the vulnerable’.

“If all that was just so the vulnerable can head off on holiday as soon as they’re vaccinated then I imagine young people will feel pretty conned.”

Victoria Bond commented: “If I was vulnerable, I’d take the vaccine to protect myself – to then demand others ‘keep me safe’ is very entitled.

“It’s absolute none of my business if other passengers or crew are vaccinated. Who on earth would ‘force’ a stranger to have a medical procedure they didn’t need?”

Sue Eastwood wondered: “How long will it be before a black market begins in fake vaccination passports? If they’re considered necessary for travel, it won’t be long at all.”

At present no airline make a stipulation about a passenger’s vaccination status, though the Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce has said he believes a vaccine certificate may be necessary when the Australian airline starts flying internationally again.

The CEO of United, Scott Kirby, has said he thinks frontline airline employees should be vaccinated.

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