Former airline worker warns to never have short layovers between flights

A former airline employee shared her best travelling tips, mentioning a few important things she will never do.

Megan Homme, who lives in Chicago, used to work for an airline company in the US and has learned a few insider tricks for a stress-free trip.

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She shared on TikTok: "Things I would never do as a former airline employee. Number one is check a bag, yes, there are exceptions to this.

"If you want to keep a bag from getting it lost, then keep it on you.

"Two is book a flight through anyone other than the airline itself.

"Something goes wrong, like if you sometimes book through Expedia, airlines cannot help you if you've got issues.

"Three is book the shortest layover – if you have a 45-minute layover and a two-hour layover, pick the two hours."

Some people were confused and one mentioned that a long layover would cut the trip shorter.

But Megan explained the reason behind that.

"It's pretty common for flights to get delayed, say, 15 to 20 minutes," she said.

"If you book a 45-minute layover and your first flight gets delayed at all, you are probably not gonna make it.

"And don't necessary think 'oh I'll just get on the next flight' because that flight might be full."

One fan commented that she had seen airline companies listing flights with a 20 to 30-minute layover time.

"Even if the flight is on time, you won't make that," she added.

"I always make sure my layovers are long, to account for anything that could possibly happen," a second added.

And a third reminded: "It’s such a short layover cause sometimes the next flight doors close 15 minutes before departure."


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