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Flying is often a fundamental element of travel, and airlines and airports have the ability to make or break a trip. So 10Best is looking for the best airlines and airline amenities, as well as the best airports in North America that make getting to your destination a pleasure rather than a pain.

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Best Airline

Flying has become a fundamental aspect of travel for many people. While it may not be the most pleasant part of a vacation, airlines continue to improve the flyer experience with newer planes, better connectivity and improved food and entertainment. Which airline is your favorite?

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Best Airport Lounge

Waiting at the airport becomes a whole lot better when you’re in a luxe airport lounge, complete with comfortable seating, food, drinks and even showers to freshen up before your flight. These 18 lounges, nominated by a panel of frequent flier experts, are so good you’ll pray for flight delays.

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Best Business & First Class

Flying in these airlines’ premium cabins makes it easy to forget you’re on an airplane at all, with luxe amenities like lie-flat beds, widescreen TVs for personal entertainment and multi-course meals prepared by onboard chefs. Which airline has the best business and first-class cabins?

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Best Cabin Crew

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The cabin crew is one of the most critical and overlooked elements of a flight, whether you’re flying economy or first class. The friendliness, enthusiasm and efficiency of the flight attendants onboard can often make or break the passenger experience. It’s not an easy job, and these airlines exceed at it. Which do you think has the best cabin crew?

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Best Economy Class

For the vast majority of travelers, flying means sitting in economy class – the most affordable option for air travel. But not all economy classes are created equal. These 15 airlines make the economy class experience more comfortable with perks like bigger seats, more legroom and ample entertainment options.

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Best Inflight Entertainment

With seat-back touchscreens, high-speed Wi-Fi, personal device access and hundreds of hours of free content, flying is more entertaining than ever. These 13 airlines score big points when it comes to in-flight entertainment options, and we need you to crown the best.

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Best Inflight Food

Airplane food has long been the butt of jokes and complaints, but airlines are upping their culinary game (even in economy). These airlines create meals that are well worth eating at 30,000 feet. Which airline serves the best food?

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Best Large Airport

Spending time at the airport is an inevitable part of most travel experiences, and the quality of the airport itself can make a big difference. Passenger satisfaction at North American airports is on the rise, according to recent studies by JD Power, and these 20 large airports across the continent (each serving more than 12 million passengers annually) are leading the charge.

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Best Small Airport

While giant airports like JFK, LAX and Chicago O’Hare often dominate the travel scene due to the sheer number of passengers who pass through them each day, the United States is home to many smaller, friendlier airports that take some of the headaches out of travel.

These 15 airports serve fewer than 10 million passengers each year, yet excel with their commercial flight offerings, easy access and amenities.

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Remember, you can vote once per day in each category. The 10 nominees with the most votes in each category will be announced on 10Best.com on Friday, February 12.

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