Woman stays in 20 different destinations for free by getting cat-sitting jobs

A woman has found a way to enjoy both of her hobbies at the same time – travel and cats.

Madolline Gourley, from Brisbane in Queensland, pet sits in different cities as she makes her way around the world.

These jobs often include free accommodation, food and transport in cities she visits.

So the 29-year-old manages to save a fortune when globe-trotting too.

Since she started cat sitting and travelling back in 2017, Madolline has visited 20 different destinations across the US and Australia.

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Often, Madolline only has to pay for flights and extra activities.

She told NCA NewsWire: “With the free accommodation, you might also get other stuff for free.

“Some places I’ve stayed, they told me I could help myself to their food, others have given me gift cards for groceries, people have offered to let me use their car.

“Sometimes people will drive you to and from the airport so it’s another saving.”

Coronavirus has put Madolline’s travel plans on hold.

She had to return home early from the US last March due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But once the world is up and running again, she’s dreaming of going to Tasmania.

If you want to follow in her footsteps, the travel fan recommends filtering house-sit searches by animal.

You can choose cats, fish, dogs, snakes or even farm animals if you have experience with them.

Madolline added: “If I want to go on holidays, I’ll check Trusted House Sitters (online) once or twice a day three months before I go and go through what's available and see how many house and cat sits I can fit into one trip.

“You might have to give or take a few days in between when one sit starts and one ends … but half the trips have been back-to-back house sits.”

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