You Can Buy Live Plants on Amazon — Here Are the Best Ones to Order

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably already asked your landlord if you can paint a mural on your living room wall during quarantine in order to “liven up the joint.” If not, I’d like to pass on the gem of wisdom she shared with me after politely declining my request — “plants are a great way to liven up any space.” I took her words to heart and took to Amazon.


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That’s right, Amazon has a few sellers that offer live potted plants and will deliver them right to your door. Concerned about the quality and health of a plant you didn’t hand-pick and examine yourself? That’s why we’re here — we’ve done the testing so you don’t have to.

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While there is a certain level of gambling to ordering plants online, ordering from storefronts that specialize in live plants and live plant delivery is the safest bet. American Plant Exchange and Costa Farms are two well-vetted and heavily reviewed plant-only storefronts on Amazon and the two we’re focusing on today.

Costa Farm’s White Bird of Paradise, a medium tropical plant that deserves a well-lit home and regular watering, was my first delivered plant. Keep in mind, I have a black thumb, so I opted for plants that are easy to care for and offer quite the payoff in terms of growth and Pinterest-worthiness. The Bird of Paradise came in pristine condition. The roots were happy, the soil was slightly moist, and the leaves were free from dust and debris. It came with a support stick, which tells me it’s all set to grow even more.

To buy:, $56

After being so impressed by Costa Farm’s selection, delivery, and overall product quality and health, I had my fingers crossed that the Fiddle Leaf Fig I ordered from American Plant Exchange would hold up to my new standard. Luckily, it did.

To buy:, $23

Both plants came in grower pots with rich, dark, slightly damp soil and were wrapped in plastic before boxed upright. While I was incredibly nervous about the idea of shoving a new beloved member of my household into a box for delivery to my home, it all turned out beautifully and is a convenience I recommend to anyone looking to get some more green in their home while quarantining.

Amazon shoppers also adore these two brands. Here are some of their favorites:

Costa Farms Peace Lily

To buy:, $30

American Plant Exchange Areca Palm

To buy:, $20

Costa Farms Snake Plant

To buy:, $24

American Plant Exchange Ponytail Palm

To buy:, $24

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