You can snorkel in a ‘shipwreck capital’ lake filled with a thousand ships

Swimming is one of the main activities on most British holidays – whether at a water park, in the pool or at the beach.

But, for those looking for a splash with a difference you can always choose a lakeside holiday.

It may be a bit chillier, but fresh water lakes are fun to explore and get stuck into wild swimming.

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When choosing a lake, however, some have more to offer than others…

Lake Huron is one of Canada’s Great Lakes – it spans a massive 45,000 square miles meaning there’s a huge space to swim in.

And, it’s also known as the “shipwreck capital of Canada” – over one thousand shipwrecks have been recorded there.

So anyone looking for the ultimate swimming experience should head to North America and visit this incredible lake with its waters perfect for spotting the looming shapes below.

Lake Huron is also home to the Fathom Five National Marine Park in Ontario, a popular diving spot thanks to the crystal-clear freshwater which is home to over 20 shipwreck sites you can explore.

One of its most famous sites is the Sweepstakes shipwreck. The schooner hit a rock near Cove Island and was towed into the lake, where it eventually sank in the shallow waters.

Now, it’s a popular spot for snorkelers and scuba-divers.

The shallow water means you can spot the ship from the surface while those who head below can investigate the aquatic creatures who have made the wreck their home.

Other popular wrecks include the W.L Wetmore steamer where you can still see the boiler, anchor, chain and rudder, as well as the China, a schooner wreck with its rudder broken off and to be found approximately 100m away.

It’s thought that the lake has so many haunting shipwrecks simply because of its size and the fact that it is prone to storms.

And, there are a lot of reefs which ships can get struck by or beached on – but which are also stunning to investigate as a swimmer.

There’s more to do around the lake than just swimming though.

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The national park alone is home to an archipelago of 19 islands, as well as heaps of ancient rock formations, dense forests and a diverse range of plants and wildlife.

And, around the lake there are children’s play parks, fishing trips, lighthouses, kayaking and beautiful beaches.

While you’re there we’d recommend trying some Canadian speciality foods – from local fish and chips to beavertails (they’re a pastry don’t worry) to poutine which is chips, cheese curds and gravy. Yum!


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