You can stay in a chocolate hotel with free ‘dessert hour’ and tasty experiences

Sugar fiends can now enjoy a trip filled with free deserts and sweet treats at a special chocolate hotel.

Due to the coronavirus crisis we Brits may not be able to visit for a while, but it’s definitely going on our post-pandemic bucket list.

Based in Australia, Mövenpick Hotels opened its first location in Australia this week, but it also has resorts across Europe in countries including Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

There are also hotels in Turkey, Thailand and Dubai.

Mövenpick is known for their huge range of tasty ice cream flavours – and guests can take advantage of a free dessert hour every day between 4pm and 5pm.

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Can you imagine?!

Guests can enjoy Chocolate Hour puds like eclairs, truffles and chocolate fountains which change regularly.

Plus, there are live demonstrations and experiences run by the live-in chefs.

We can’t think of anything better than learning to roll truffles or ice cupcakes before chowing down on the tasty creations.

The different Mövenpick hotels have lots of individual offers which change on the reg.

For example, the Hamburg hotel recreated the city’s skyline in chocolate.

Meanwhile, the Egypt resort created a “magic nut” hunt whee guests had to find the nut in all the chocolates.

In Dubai, Mövenpick tourists enjoyed gold-dusted chocolates and edible diamonds – talk about feeling rich rich.

If you’re getting all amped up to stay in a chocolate hotel before international restrictions are lifted then check out the Chocolate Boutique hotel in Bournemouth which offers free truffles.

Or, The Chocolate Box Hotel, also in Bournemouth, which serves complimentary chocolate with your breakfast.


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