You can stay in huge wine barrels complete with private saunas and whirlpools

Many of us will be celebrating the end of lockdown with holidays and lots of wine.

So why not combine the two?

Tourists can book into a boozy hotel in the Netherlands – where they get to sleep in giant wine barrels.

The Hotel De Vrouwe van Stavoren is located in one of the country's oldest towns Stavoren.

Eight of its hotel rooms are inside converted win barrels that used to hold between 15,000-23,000 litres of wine.

They make for cosy little cabins with double beds, ensuite bathrooms and even a living room in some instances.

According to the Mirror, guests are welcomed with a bottle of wine waiting in their room.

They can also enjoy more plonk with meals at the on-site restaurant.

A small number of the barrels have also been converted into “Wellness” spas.

These boast showers, a sauna and a indoor whirlpool tub for those looking for a touch of pampering.

Tempted to book a break for after the coronavirus pandemic?

Prices from £162 a night on based on two people sharing a stay in a wine barrel.

At the time of publication, England, Scotland and Wales all have national lockdowns.

These ban international travel for leisure purposes.

Always keep up to date with the latest Foreign Office travel advice before booking a getaway.

If this break has tempted you, you'll probably want to read more about boozy travel.

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And this stunning Italian destination has been named the City of Wine for 2021.

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