Stay Off Your Phone and Get a Free Room at a Swedish Hotel

Hotel Bellora in Gothenburg, Sweden, has a mission: to help guests to relax without their phones.

The property is encouraging travelers to stop staring at their phone screens by enticing them with the opportunity of a free hotel stay.

The Check Out Suite at Hotel Bellora is equipped with a Skarmfri (which translates to “Screen-Free”) smart lamp that measures how much time guests spend on their phone. The more you’re on your phone, the higher the room rate.

“We’re now taking our ‘Screen Help’ concept further in different ways. The Skärmfri lamp was one way to help, but now we have taken it even further and converted screen time into a currency that rewards a healthy digital life,” Lisa Höglund, Head of Communications at Länsförsäkringar, a Swedish insurance company in collaboration with Hotel Bellora, told Hotel Designs.

Upon arrival in the suite, guests connect their phones to the Skarmfri lamp via the room’s Wi-Fi. The lamp will glow white as it measures up to 30 minutes of time guests spend on their phone.

Once guests go over the 30-minute limit, the lamp will turn red, and they’ll have to pay full price for the room.

For travelers who can remain off their phone the entire time, they’ll get the room free.

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