Travel Leaders creates Super Agent designation in lead-generation tool: Travel Weekly

Travel Leaders Network unveiled an update to its Agent Profiler lead-generation tool. Advisors can now be designated as a “Super Agent,” which will give them a higher ranking in searches.

Agent Profiler invites advisors to fill out one or more profiles about themselves and their specialties. The profiles tend to rank high in Google searches, something executives have attributed to the amount of profiles and the unique content they all contain. The program is free to use.

To reach Super Agent status, advisors need to have certain things incorporated into their profile: 15 customer reviews, four total biographies, one photo album, one travel story and one map.

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Super Agents will get badges on their profile with their designation, giving them more clout as a trusted advisor.

The Super Agent program launched in May 2022. About 130 users are currently designated as Super Agents.

So far this year, the Agent Profiler program is on track to surpass the record 170,000 leads it sent to travel advisors in 2019. As of June, Agent Profiler is trending at 7% more leads than 2019.

On average, around 25% of leads turn into sales. Each sale averages around $6,000.

McGillivray said Agent Profiler has acted as something of a “proof point” that more consumers are searching for advisors. 2019 was the “high water mark,” he said, and the fact that leads are up indicates increased interest in agents.

According to McGillivray, there are more than 9,000 agent users with profiles, which is where the value of the Agent Profiler tool lies.

“That’s what makes it this incredible marketplace, because it’s their unique stories, and what they’re good at, and how they got into the travel business,” McGillivray said. “And all those things are what Google rewards.” 

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