Airport worker caught opening suitcase and stealing speaker

SURRENDERING precious belongings at the airport check-in desk can be a nervous prospect for many travellers, so this is the last thing we want to see.

A baggage handler has been busted on camera unzipping a passenger’s suitcase and pulling out a speaker that he shoved in his pocket.

The stunning incident was filmed by a passenger on a Ryanair flight from Ibiza to Madrid on Friday. The passenger then alerted the flight crew, The Sun reported.

The incredible moment was caught on camera.Source:Supplied

The baggage handler reportedly started working three days before the incident and has now been fired.

Police reportedly got the man to return the speaker to its owner, a teenage boy who was travelling to Madrid with his mum.

His mum told Diario de Ibiza: “The police told me it was the third day the man had been working at the airport and returned the speaker to me immediately.

“I was very grateful because I had bought it for my son’s birthday.”

It is understood the man, who police say confessed to taking the speaker, will face court over the alleged theft.

This is far from the first time airport staff have been caught mistreating passengers’ luggage.

In May, Courier-Mail reporter Vanessa Marsh captured a ground crew member throwing luggage carelessly at Honolulu airport while loading up a flight to Phoenix.

The mystery of all my broken suitcases is solved – this is the ground crew at Honolulu loading up a @HawaiianAir flight to Phoenix. ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

“The mystery of all my broken suitcases is solved — this is the ground crew at Honolulu loading up a @HawaiianAir flight to Phoenix,” she tweeted.

Last year, baggage handlers were filmed hurling and kicking bags after dragging them from a plane at London’s Luton Airport.

Similar scenes were captured in a video filmed at Edinburgh Airport that same year.

In October a baggage handler at Phuket International Airport was caught on camera rifling through a Jetstar passenger’s luggage and helping himself to its contents.

It prompted Jetstar to launch an investigation into the worker, who was employed by a company that was not used in Australia.

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