Cruise guest issues warning – could ‘bleed you dry’

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Food is usually included in the overall package for cruise guests. However, extra costs can quickly add up.

A guest wrote on Reddit: “Be aware there are lots of free things to do and places to eat on the ship.

“These floating malls are built to bleed you dry as soon as you get on. You can totally avoid spending more.”

Many of the largest cruise ships have a huge range of restaurants that customers can pick from.

However, some of these will unfortunately incur an extra charge and are known as speciality restaurants.

Despite this, the ship’s main dining room and the buffet restaurant will usually be included in the price of a holiday.

If a passenger wants to save money, they can dine in the included restaurants and avoid paying for speciality.

The guest added: “Try to buy as little as possible from the on ship store. Pack all the travel essentials you need, like mouthwash, toothpaste, aspirin etc. Anything they sell is going to be expensive.”

While the majority of cruise ships will have a shop onboard, it’s likely to be more expensive than other shops.

Passengers should try to pack the majority of stuff they’ll need to avoid paying higher prices on the cruise.

If they do forget something, they could always stop at a supermarket or pharmacy in their holiday destination.

Another guest said: “Pack a Ziploc bag of over the counter medicine for colds, diarrhoea, other common possible ailments.

“It’s a lot more inconvenient and expensive onboard for things like that.”

Over the counter medicine can be very expensive onboard the ship so it’s worth packing a few essentials.

A guest added: “On the ship, don’t get sucked into ‘duty free’ deals. Rarely are they true deals.

“For example, those expensive watches you can get cheaply somewhere else.”

Although duty free prices can be cheaper than onshore, it’s worth checking and comparing prices before purchase.

Many guests also advise passengers to avoid the ship’s art auction as the artwork is often very expensive.

Guests could also save money by booking excursions with a third-party company or exploring themselves.

The cruise company’s excursions often cost more than other options so it’s worth researching beforehand.

If the destination is fairly far from the cruise port it could be worth joining the cruise line’s trip to make sure you’re back on time.

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