‘I went to Megaspoons with white beach, lots of doors and discount Stella’

Ever since we humans first crawled out from whatever rock we first hatched under, we've had our minds set on big things.

I'm not talking about scientific achievements like space travel, refrigeration and electricity, which are all well and good.

We like to focus on what's important, which is obviously why I'm talking about the world's biggest Wetherspoons.

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The Royal Victoria Pavilion in Ramsgate, Kent, is a behemoth of a boozer and dominates the Main Sands like a beached blue whale.

With a 20,000 square-ft interior and two massive seafront terraces, this 'Megaspoons' is undoubtedly the Death Star in Spoons chief Tim Martin's Galactic Empire of pubs – here to obliterate smaller competition with its Stormtrooper army of industrial microwaves and 99p pints.

Spoons fanatics embark on pilgrimages here from all across the country. But luckily, the Royal Victoria Pavilion is less than a 15-minute drive away from yours truly, meaning I had absolutely no choice but to visit. That's right: I ventured into the Death Star, and it was alright.

Located in a renovated Grade II-listed pavilion slap bang in the middle of the harbour, Megaspoons has a jaw-dropping location with panoramic views of Ramsgate's white sandy beach and Thanet's incredible sunsets, which are considered by some to be among the best in Europe.

There's a huge array of seating choices upstairs and downstairs – but the star of the show is clearly the terrace.

If you visit on a cold, wintry day like I did, it's the perfect place to sit and sip a discount Stella while questioning your life choices as you gaze out at the bleak grey sea and the distant rumbling clouds.

At high tide the water is even close enough to the pub that you could run in for a quick, freezing dip while you wait for your Ultimate Burger to arrive.

As soon as you get bored of watching seagulls fight over chips in the cold, you can easily venture in through one of the pub's many, many doors for warmth.

My favourite seating spots are in the booths on the large first floor balcony, which bends all the way around the interior of the building.

Here you can observe all of the Spoons-ly comings-and-goings from above, which by and large are extremely similar to that of every other Wetherspoons in the entire country.

Because, look, at the end of the day, it's Spoons, and as my grandad used to say, "thar's nowt wrong wi't Spoo-ins".

It's got no music, a bonkers carpet, the cheapest pints in town and bang-average food from all over the world.

They've got what you want and you know what you're getting. You can walk in with a tenner and leave in an ambulance.

But here, there's just a lot more of it.

It's so big that it has two bars, so if one is busy you can just order at the other.

Even the upstairs toilets are impressively gigantic. On their own, they're probably bigger than most normal-sized pubs.

They also have a classy-looking chaise lounge outside – presumably a designated waiting area for punters whose friends take too long to wee.

And ultimately, for all the valid criticisms of Spoons boss Tim Martin's supposedly cut-throat business methods, nobody can really argue with a pint for under £3 no matter what their politics are – especially in today's sick and twisted £7.80 IPA economy.

One thing I would say, however, is that Megaspoons is not the only game in town in Ramsgate or indeed Thanet.

This is a community that relies on tourism and has dozens of absolutely brilliant independent local pubs like the Ravensgate Arms, the Queen Charlotte and the Queens Head to name but a few.

The town also boasts a fab music venue – Ramsgate Music Hall – and tons of great restaurants.

So, after you've satisfied your Megaspoons craving, I highly recommend having a walk through town and finding a different spot for your second round – after all, the Death Star's already taken your cash.


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