Cruise guests urged to bring ‘blank sheet of paper’ on cruise

Mega cruise ships often have hundreds of cabins and the ship’s narrow corridors can make it hard for passengers to find their room.

While guests can always check the ship’s deck plan on their cruise line’s app, there’s another trick they could use to locate their cabin.

A cruise guest ‘RedditHermanita’ posted on Reddit: “Bring any kind of decor, even a blank sheet of paper, to stick on your door to distinguish it from others.

“If you don’t you’ll inevitably end up passing your own door from time to time then have to turn around.”

Cruise guests could also count how many doors their room is from the elevator or stairs, but decorations may be an easier way of finding it.

This tip will only apply if guests are travelling on a large cruise ship as smaller ships should be less complicated for passengers.

The guest added: “Even though gratuities are included, tip the bartender in cash and they’ll come to you much quicker next time.”

Many cruise lines include tips in the price of a cruise so guests shouldn’t need to worry about tipping individual staff.

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However, some guests recommend tipping the ship’s bartender at the start of the cruise if passengers intend to drink a lot.

While this could encourage the bartender to serve the passenger first, this isn’t guaranteed to be the case.

Some guests like to pack small gifts for their room steward such as toiletries or treats from home.

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Cruise crew aren’t always to disembark the ship and may not have time to pick up any of their favourite treats.

If guests are looking for small change to tip crew, the passenger said these are usually available from the casino cashier.

Casino staff may be able to provide change for passengers although this won’t always be the case.

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