Cruise ship crew issues warning to passengers attempting to do this – ‘we will find you’

Cruise ship holidays can sometimes be a once in a lifetime experience for some passengers. For others, they may amount to a regular, annual break, yet for both sets of travellers they present the epitome of luxury. Entertainment, dining and leisure is all on-tap as guests have a plethora of pampering opportunities they might not normally have. This, coupled with the excitement of holiday vibes, can make for an amazing vacation.

Some passengers may want to stay on for extra time, maybe even hoping bunking up in their cabin will see an extension to their vacation in the form of a free trip on the next cruise on the ship.

Yet a former Carnival Cruise Line employee has taken to Reddit to insist this is not the case.

They messaged in reply to a post which read: “Redditors who have tried to hide on your cruise when it ended so that you could stay on the ship for the next round, how did that go?”

The ex crew said: “I worked for Carnival. We will find you.

“We know you’re in the ship. And we all want you to get off so I can take a short nap before I have to do it all over again in a few hours.”

A second concurred and put: “Amen to this. I worked for a small cruise ship company (less than 100 pax) and I would die a little inside every time people weren’t packed the morning of departure and would slow everything down.

“Did they somehow forget that they needed to get off the boat that morning?”

A third posted: “Yes. We absolutely do.

“A lot of times, people are still debarking whenever early birds in VIP are embarking.

“Same day turnaround is the norm in the large liner industry.”

One cruise ship passengers may well not want to leave is the new Scenic Eclipse, perhaps the most lavish cruise route in the world.

Cruise ship experience have been given he extra-special VIP treatment on this lavish vessel aiming to set the “benchmark” for the industry.

Bosses at Scenic Eclipse are focussed on “ultra-luxury discovery cruising” – which means no compromise on quality inside the ship or out.

Passengers can soak up luxury interiors while inside their cabin as well as enjoy top-notch technology and artwork in communal ares.

Yet it is the on board helicopters, each housing sox guests, and an on-board submarine, capable of depths of 200m, which makes the vessel stand out.

These allow passengers to venture out to remote locations in 38 parts of the world in a very different way, that is sure to create unique holiday experiences.

The firm has now launched its inaugural voyage, a 13 day trip from Reykjavik to Quebec, where the luxurious details were revealed.

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