CLIA Australasia says “Choose Cruise” this October ·

CLIA Australasia says “Choose Cruise” this October

Cruise Line International Association (CLIA) Australasia launches an exciting name change to its ‘Plan a Cruise Month’, to encourage travellers to book a cruise rather than just plan one.

Choose Cruise aims to promote cruising as the preferred holiday style and encourages travellers to book their dream cruise holiday via a CLIA-accredited travel agent.

CLIA Australasia and Asia Managing Director, Joel Katz said #ChooseCruise was successful in the past and generated unprecedented traction on social media.

“Choose Cruise is an opportunity for travel lovers to learn more about the different cruise options available, and to take advantage of promotions and value-adds from cruise experts,” Mr Katz said.

“Australian cruise passenger numbers hit a record high in 2017 with 1.34 million passengers taking an ocean cruise. This equates to almost 1 in 18 Australians cruising last year.”

“With weekly themes of Ocean, River, Luxury, and Expedition throughout October, we are hoping to engage both new and existing cruisers in exciting ways.”

Choose Cruise includes a combination of trade, consumer and media activities, as well as a dedicated ‘Choose Cruise’ microsite, which will feature relevant cruise information, experiences and CLIA agent search.

CLIA will also develop a marketing toolkit with materials such as customisable media releases, newsletter articles, social media tiles and infographics, which member agents can use to develop promotional material targeting local media, their email database of clients (and prospective clients) and their social media followers.

The toolkit will be made available to CLIA agent members on 15 August via webinars and as downloadable support materials from the Members Hub.

CLIA will also reward the most creative online and offline marketing Choose Cruise campaigns of its agent members with a chance to win several cruise prize giveaways including cruises and Breakaway Travelclub.

To support its agent members, CLIA will be collaborating with Fairfax Media, News Limited, New Zealand Herald, Vacations & Travel Magazine and Cruise Passenger Magazine to encourage the public to book their cruise via a CLIA-accredited agent.

Choose Cruise takes place every October with CLIA offices around the world working with CLIA accredited agents and CLIA member cruise lines to promote cruise holidays.

For more information about Choose Cruise or to find a CLIA accredited agent please visit

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