MTA marital bliss in Noumea ·

Pictured, MTA- Mobile Travel Agents wife and husband team, Ally and Nick Kilpin taking time out from a recent Silversea Silver Discoverer Cruise study tour for a quick snorkel while sailing from Noumea to Cairns.

Now an 18-year ‘veteran’ with MTA, Ally is one of a well-respected group of high achievers who have attained ‘Platinum’ sales status with the company. She was in fact MTA founders and managing directors, Roy and Karen Merricks’ very first ‘recruit’.

Ask Ally what it’s like having her husband on board and she’ll tell you he’s made a major difference to her business since joining her 13 years ago. He handles all the administrative elements leaving her to concentrate on what she loves best – consulting.

“This decision was not taken lightly as we knew of the high potential for failure with the husband/wife working scenario,” Ally said.

“Basically, we were embarking on 24/7 relationship but the reality is if you want something to work, you make it work.

“The positives far outweighed the negatives and now 13 years down the track, we are still very busy, focused and working as a team to achieve our goals.”

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