Nature wonderland: Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU ·

Nature wonderland: Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU

Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU offers a world of natural beauty, recreational enjoyment and much more – all year-round

The new ‘Nature Wonderland’ campaign showcases the wide variety of activities you can experience at Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU throughout the year. During the winter season the main attraction is of course skiing and snowboarding, however, there are also other great activities to enjoy such as the ‘Ice Village’. The resort also boast the largest indoor wave pool in Japan (Mina-Mina Beach), over 20 restaurants in Tomamu and a street dedicated to shopping (hotalu street), so there is plenty for everyone to see and do. There are also countless attractions within an easy distance of the resort such as Asahiyama Zoo and Shirogane Blue Pond and many more. We are launching a new website and short movies to enable Australians to discover more about the Nature Wonderland of Hokkaido, Japan.

Nature Wonderland website:

Ice Village meets Winter Wonderland (Snow season)

This unique Ice Village only appears during winter at Tomamu. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the pristine wilderness and under the starry night sky, this enchantingly lit frozen Ice Village has plenty to offer; an Ice Hotel, the unique Bar Icewood, the Ice Slide, Ice Skating and even an Ice Chapel. This mystical world of snow invites guests to experience the magic of winter, with temperatures sometimes even reaching -30°C.

Ice Village opens from mid-December 2018 – to early March 2019.

Terrace of Frost Tree (Snow season)

Frost trees are formed by ice from cold winds blowing over the tree branches and only occurs when the temperature falls below freezing. The Terrace of Frost Tree can be accessed by a gondola ride through the Hidaka Mountains. The white trees covered in snow are a magnificent sight that can also be enjoyed from the Tenbou Café at the UNKAI Terrace. There is also a 200m mountain walking trail running between the Terrace of Frost Tree and the Cloud Walk at the UNKAI Terrace for guests to explore.  An exclusive light-up event is held in December during the Christmas season.

Immerse yourself in a sea of clouds at the UNKAI Terrace (Green season)

One of main attractions at Tomamu during the green season is the UNKAI Terrace. Wake up bright and early to take the gondola up to a height of 1,088m above sea level into a sea of white clouds. Enjoy the sensation of floating among the clouds while lying in a giant hammock in the sky. The hammock’s design takes inspiration from the clouds and can be enjoyed by up to 10 people at a time.  A new attraction at the UNKAI Terrace, Cloud Bar will be open in September 2018. UNKAI Terrace opens from 12 May to 15 October 2018.

About Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU

Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU is the most family-friendly ski resort in Japan. It is particularly renowned for its high-quality powder snow with 29 trails offering a great variety for skiers of all levels. There are two ski-in / ski-out hotels on the property which are the 5-star all-suite hotel ‘RISONARE Tomamu’ and the 4-star hotel ‘Tomamu The Tower’.  Staying at Tomamu also allows easy access to explore other parts of Hokkaido – from backcountry guided tours in winter, to numerous other activities allowing guests to experience the four distinctive seasons of Hokkaido throughout the year.

About Hoshino Resorts

Hoshino Resorts, the leading hotel management company in Japan, was founded in 1904 as a forestry business in Nagano Prefecture, Japan and opened its first hot spring resort in 1914. The company was rebranded by the current CEO, Yoshiharu Hoshino in 1995 as Hoshino Resorts and it has since expanded across Japan with a focus on local culture and tradition. Hoshino Resorts has developed three separate hospitality brands over the years aimed at different audiences. Besides its flagship HOSHINOYA, it also operates the KAI, RISONARE, and OMO. Hoshino Resorts now operates 35 properties around Japan, and 2 properties overseas (in Tahiti and Bali).



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