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NEW The Celtic Camino: from Ireland to Santiago de Compostela, the Camino experts, are now offering pilgrims the chance to experience the unique Celtic Camino, starting their Camino journey in Ireland and continuing to Santiago de Compostela from the lively city of A Coruña.

What is the Celtic Camino?

Traditionally, Camino pilgrims used to start their journey from their own homes and various Camino de Santiago routes developed over time.

The so called Camino Ingles, or English Camino, was the route preferred by British and Irish pilgrims on their way to Santiago. There are two starting points: Ferrol and A Coruña, in Galicia.

In order to receive their Compostela pilgrim certificate in Santiago de Compostela, walkers must complete at least the last 100kms of any Camino route.

While A Coruña is a traditional starting point, it is only 75kms away from Santiago, meaning pilgrims wouldn’t obtain their Compostela certificate in Santiago.

The Camino Society Ireland has announced a new Irish ‘Compostela’ that pilgrims can request in St James Church in Dublin after completing 25kms of a pilgrim trail in Ireland. This certificate can then be used to complete the journey from A Coruna to Santiago.

This is now known as the Celtic Camino., specialists on the Camino de Santiago, has now launched new self-guided tours on the Camino Ingles starting from A Coruña for those pilgrims looking to experience the Celtic Camino.

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Camino Ingles

For the Irish section of this unique Camino journey, the specialists can organise a self-guided tour on the fantastic Kerry Camino trail, in the Dingle Peninsula, a magnificent 3-day walk.

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Kerry Camino

The Celtic Camino festival

The first Celtic Camino festival is taking place in Mayo this April, organised by the Camino Society Ireland. The festival takes place from Friday 13th April to Sunday 15th April in Westport, County Mayo, in the West of Ireland.

The festival programme includes a movie screening, workshops and panels by Irish and international speakers and Camino experts, as well as a pilgrim walk on the Croagh Patrick Heritage Trail.

Walkers will be receiving the Celtic Camino Compostela certificate after completing the 25-km route.

All Celtic Camino festival participants will enjoy 10% OFF tours. For additional information about the festival and tickets, visit:

In addition has a special travel discount for all members of the Camino Society in Ireland, as well as Friends of St James members across the world including the Confraternity of St James in the UK, American Pilgrims on the Camino in the US, Canadian company of pilgrims and the Australian Friends of the Camino.

For more information about the Camino de Santiago and to book a Camino trip, visit:

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