Sydney Airport welcomes ACCC airport monitoring report ·

Sydney Airport welcomes ACCC airport monitoring report

Sydney Airport welcomes the release of today’s ACCC report.

An important topic raised by the ACCC is how airports are addressing increasing demand on aviation infrastructure.

The ACCC states: “Sydney Airport faces a number of regulatory constraints over its operations such as an overnight curfew and limits on the number of aircraft movements per hour.”

It goes on to note: “Such constraints on nationally important infrastructure can impose significant costs on users and the broader economy. While there may be social policy reasons for these constraints on Sydney Airport, they should be regularly reviewed given advances in noise reduction technologies.”

A Sydney Airport spokesperson said: “We support exploring how new and improved aircraft technology and operations can be used to achieve the best outcomes for the community, the travelling public and the broader state and national economy.”

Importantly, the ACCC report also acknowledged the importance of continued investment in infrastructure.

“In order to remain globally competitive, we invest about $1 million every day to ensure we’re catering for growth and to improve the experience for our customers,” the Sydney Airport spokesperson said.

“Since 2002, we’ve invested $4.3 billion in improving capacity, services and facilities at Sydney Airport. This enables us to handle the increasing number of passengers, add value to the economy, and generate and facilitate jobs across Sydney, NSW and Australia.”

Sydney Airport’s recent economic data published by Deloitte Access Economics notes that Sydney Airport contributes $38 billion to the Australian economy and facilitates the creation of 338,500 jobs.

Sydney Airport will continue to work closely with the federal and state governments, tourism and industry bodies and broader stakeholders to drive growth in tourism for Sydney, NSW and Australia.

About Sydney Airport

Sydney Airport is Australia’s gateway airport, serving more than 43.3 million passengers a year and connecting Sydney to a network of over 100 international, domestic and regional destinations.

Located just eight kilometres from the city centre, Sydney Airport contributes $38 billion in economic activity a year, equivalent to 6.8 per cent of the NSW economy. Sydney Airport is a major employer in NSW, generating more than 338,500 direct and indirect jobs, equivalent to 10.1 per cent of NSW employment. Some 30,900 of these jobs are at the airport itself.

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