Bali Considering Ban on Bikinis at Sacred Sites

Authorities in Bali are considering a ban on tourists wearing bikinis and posing in front of sacred temples on the island.

According to the Daily Mail, Bali deputy governor Cok Ace told a regional council meeting last week the government is looking to crack down on the “disrespectful behavior” of tourists, such as sitting on the Linggih Padmasana shrine.

Bali welcomed more than five million visitors last year, but the newly appointed government believes the influx of tourists ignorant to the culture is having a negative impact on the island.

In recent years, posts on social media of people in seductive clothing posing on sacred temples have caused outrage from locals:

Bali bikini ban: Indonesian holiday island considers outlawing skimpy swimwear after residents say they’re fed up with ‘offensive’ western tourists.

The proposed ban from the Bali government comes after a move by Cambodian authorities in 2015 and 2016 which aimed to stop tourists from wearing skimpy clothing.

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