Spice up your soul; roomsXML visits Mexico ·

Spice up your soul; roomsXML visits Mexico

With over 10,000 km of coastline, Mexico is certain to have plenty to offer Australian tourists; amazing locations with reasonable pricing. The climate is pleasant and warm for much of the year. Known for its archaeological ruins and cultural artefacts, Mexico isn’t just for beach and resort dwellers.

At number 7 on the top tourist destinations, Mexican sites such as Chicen Itza, Templo Mayor, Coba, Ek Balam,  Monte Albán (and so many more it can be difficult to list), provide some of the best cultural sites on the planet. Don’t just stick to the coasts (Cancun, Baja, Playa Del Carmen), visit the interior North of Mexico for off the beaten track authenticity.

On the Baja peninsula, the climate is Mediterranean; on the other side it is arid. For tropical climate, head to Tampico, down to Cancun


 With over 2700 properties across Mexico, you’re bound to find the right property, and the right vibe.


roomsXML has over 96,000 properties worldwide . If you are unsure about which property to book, always check for the ‘Preferred’ logo next to the hotel; that means its been recommended by other Travel Agents. Thanks for Wikitravel for the tips.



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