This Hello Kitty Café in California Is the Perfect Place for Fancy Cocktails and Sugary Treats (Video)

A new café in Southern California is serving up treats that are way too adorable to eat.

A new, permanent Hello Kitty-themed establishment, the Hello Kitty Grand Café, will open at the Irvine Spectrum Center in Irvine, California this Friday, and will be your number one place for afternoon tea and cocktails, as well as sweets like mini donuts, macarons, and various cakes, Lonely Planet reported.

It’s also a paradise for everyone who is obsessed with the Japanese cartoon kitten, Hello Kitty, and the rest of her Sanrio-created friends.

The café, now decked out in white, gold, and pink as well as Hello Kitty insignia and artwork, was once a pop-up café at the Irvine Spectrum Center, Mashable reported. Originally, it was a Southern California food truck that started in 2014.

Now guests can indulge in their own Hello Kitty heaven. Serious fans can even make private reservations in the Bow Room, which is like the Hello Kitty version of a speakeasy hidden inside the café. Otherwise, walk-ins are welcome.

A full afternoon tea costs $55 per person, and includes a wide range of snacks like cakes, fruit, cucumber sandwiches, and cookies. Cocktails are served from Wednesdays through Sundays after 5 p.m. (to adults 21 and over).

Many cocktails have cutesy names that are 100% Kitty approved, like the Pink Bow (gin, raspberry, lemon, liquor 43, aquafaba) and the 1974 (your choice of a negroni or an old fashioned with a Hello Kitty ice cube, named after the year the cute kitten came into the world).

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