Water Adventures at Xcaret

Xcaret eco-park offers a variety of experiences but for those who want to cool off, some of the highlights revolve around aquatic adventures.

Visitors can start with the park’s underground rivers. The blue freshwater streams create natural lazy rivers as guests float through caves, caverns and lush scenery while wearing life jackets.

Aquatic Paradise (double check spelling) is a beautiful lagoon in which guests of the eco-park can explore natural pools or relax on the beach.

Both of these experiences are included in the price of admission to Xcaret. Guests can pay an additional fee to undertake a variety of other water-based activities.

Guests can also opt for a speedboat ride on the Adrelina. The experience is a thrill ride on the water during which guests reach speeds of up to 90 kilometers an hour and make 360-degree turns.

The Sea Trek adventure is an underwater exploration at the bottom of the sea. Guests don’t need any special training to participate in the scuba-like experience. A helmet allows them to breathe underwater and guests walk on the sea floor, watching wildlife such as stingrays and fish as well as coral and other vegetation.

Guests don’t have to head to the bottom of the ocean to see the coral at Xcaret. The Coral Reef Aquarium gives Xcaret guests the chance to inspect the sea floor and more than 5,000 marine organisms from special ponds with windows.

There is also a chance to interact with dolphins at the Dolphin Ride encounter. Guests play with the dolphins at a platform, watch as they perform tricks, receive a fin shake and a dolphin kiss—and also ride the dolphin on an underwater swim.

Guests also have the chance for other undersea interactions such as swimming with sharks and taking a snorkeling tour.

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