Flight attendant ‘is sacked for causing chaos on the plane’ after her boyfriend proposed to her at 30,000 feet

A Chinese air hostess has allegedly been fired after her boyfriend proposed to her during a flight she was working on, MailOnline Travel reports.

It is reported that the flight attendant, named by Chinese media as Xiao Jiao, said ‘yes’ after her boyfriend of four years suddenly showed up in front of her mid-flight, got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

Xiao Jiao was sacked by China Eastern Airlines because the company thought she had caused chaos among passengers, bringing safety concerns to the flight, according to Chinese media.

The surprise marriage proposal took place on a domestic flight from Xi’an to Yinchuan on May 19, according to YNET.com.

It is said that the Xiao Jiao’s boyfriend turned up in the cabin all of sudden with flowers and a diamond ring before proposing marriage to Xiao Jiao.

A video released by Chinese viral video platform Pear Video at the time showed the couple kissing each other after Xiao Jiao apparently agreed to marry the man.

The video then showed the emotional bride-to-be speaking to the passengers through the plane’s intercom: “I had never expected that my boyfriend would propose to me during a flight. Thank you every one for witnessing (the event).”

A woman who claimed to be on the plane told Pear Video that the marriage proposal happened about 30 minutes into the flight. She said all passengers were moved by the scene and applauded to the couple.

She added that another flight attendant explained to the passengers that the boyfriend was one of their co-workers.

The company allegedly said that Xiao Jiao should have considered the safety of the passengers on the flight.

MailOnline has contacted Shanghai-based China Eastern Airlines for comments on the matter, and is awaiting a reply.

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