Pound to euro exchange rate: Sterlings FALLS to nine-month low amid Brexit no-deal fears

The pound has fallen to its lowest level against the euro this year, amid fears of a no-deal Brexit.

This week the exchange rate went from €1.12875 to lows of €1.10814 to the pound.

Today it has recovered slightly but is still extremely low at €1.11168 to the pound (at time of writing).

Sterling suffered as fears mount that Britain will crash out of the EU without a deal in place.

How to get the best exchange rate: 7 top tips


5. Prepaid cards can’t always be used for hotel reservations or pay at pump fuel so make sure you have a backup option.

6. Your regular credit card may sting you with fees abroad and your debit card is likely to be far worse. Get a credit card that doesn’t charge transaction fees abroad and pay off your statement when you get home for super cheap spending.

7. As a bonus, if you buy something that costs over £100 while you’re on holiday you could get Section 75 credit card protection too.

8. Taking cash out on your credit card can leave a footprint on your credit score – it’s not held in anywhere near the same weight as if you defaulted on a payment but keeping withdrawals to a minimum is something to bear in mind if you’re planning to apply for other borrowing (like a mortgage) soon.

9. Double check whether American Express is accepted where you’re heading so you don’t find yourself caught short.

10. Always choose to pay in the local currency rather than sterling if you’re given the choice as this will help you avoid sneaky exchange fees.

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