Ryanair Employee Calls 78-year-old Passenger a 'Fat Slob' in Facebook Post

The first rule of the internet is that nothing is private. 

This is especially true when you work in customer service. No matter what your opinion is, it’s important to remember how those opinions can reflect on your employer. And if your employer is a well-known airline, this can become a huge issue.

One Ryanair employee reacted to a news post on Facebook about a man complaining about the airline, which may end up having some detrimental consequences.

"Ryanair staff are adamant but they simply do not know the rules."

The news story, published by Derbyshire Live, centers on passenger David Bookbinder, a former Derbyshire County Council leader, who complained about his wife, Chinese-born Wang Yi, being kept off their flight to Tenerife at East Midlands Airport in Leicestershire, England.

According to Derbyshire Live, Wang Yi did not have a visa. But Bookbinder claims his wife did not need one because she was traveling with him under his passport.

A Ryanair spokesperson told Derbyshire Live: “It is each customer’s own responsibility to ensure they have the correct travel documents for their journey, as stated in our terms & conditions at the time of booking. Our records confirm that the customer in question was not in possession of a valid travel visa and was correctly denied boarding.”

When the story was posted on Facebook, plenty of commenters came out on both sides of the issue, but one who unfortunately drew the most attention was Ryanair employee Lauren Coupland.

According to The Sun, Coupland’s comment on Facebook, which has since been deleted, said: “I bet his wife was hoping deep down that she wouldn’t get on the flight and he would carry on his journey without her. I mean waking up to that fat slob every morning!”

The publication caught a screenshot of the comment before it was deleted and reported that her bio identified her as a Ryanair employee, but noted that info has since been removed from her profile.

It’s not mentioned whether or not Coupland was involved in Bookbinder’s issue directly. 

According to News.co.au, a Ryanair spokesperson said that the company does not comment on “unverified social media posts.” It’s unclear whether Coupland will be facing any kind of reprimand at her work for the comment.

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