Frontier eliminates phone support for customers

Frontier Airlines has done away with customer support by telephone.

The carrier’s former customer support number, (801) 401-9000, now answers with the following message: 

“We offer the lowest fares in the industry by operating our airlines as efficiently as possible. We want our customers to operate efficiently as well, which is why we make it easy to find what you need at or on our mobile app. We also have a chat service.”

The recording does not offer customers an option to speak with an agent. 

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Frontier didn’t respond to emails about the customer service line, and it’s unclear when they ceased staffing the phone line with agents.

This is unreal. It appears @FlyFrontier no longer has a reservations phone number. The old ones are disconnected and say to go to this page where you can chat or email.

The change was noted on Tuesday on Twitter by Brett Snyder of the Cranky Flier blog. 

If the move is permanent, Frontier would be the largest U.S. airline not to offer telephone assistance. Discount carrier Breeze Airways launched in spring 2021 with an all-digital customer service. Discount transatlantic startup Norse Atlantic also does not offer telephone support.

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