How to Know If You'll Be Able to Binge Netflix on Your Next Flight

It’s 2018 and travelers still aren’t sure if they can get fast and reliable Wi-Fi on their flights, or even if they can get it at all. One day this problem will go the way of corded telephones and 8-track tapes. For now, it’s up to travelers to check ahead of time if they’ll be able to stream video on their flight.

Routehappy by ATPCO, a company that tracks flight amenities, announced Monday that it will now classify a flight’s Wi-Fi in one of four categories: email and messaging, basic web browsing, fast web browsing, and Netflix streaming capable. (This is a change from the previous categories of “basic,” “better,” or “best.”) Now travelers searching for flights on platforms that use Routehappy’s data (like Skyscanner, Sabre, Travix, and Upside) can know exactly what to expect from their internet connection on board.

Considering that many airlines charge a fee for in-flight Wi-Fi, this is one way for passengers to know ahead of time they’ll have access to the service they want.

“Wi-Fi is one of the most popular amenities for fliers,” said Robert Albert, CEO of Routehappy in a statement. “Flight shopping should be easy, so we’re doing everything we can to make rich content consumer-friendly and useful.”

Routehappy is also working directly with Netflix to improve passengers’ experience in the air.

“Working alongside Routehappy, Netflix is making it easier for consumers to see if they can stream their favorite Netflix entertainment on their personal devices on their next flight,” Bill Holmes, head of global business development at Netflix, said in a statement.

Routehappy also tracks other amenities like food and beverage, so travelers always know if their flight is the best experience they can have in the friendly skies.

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