Airline worker warns passengers not to put padlocks on suitcases when flying

An airport security guard has warned air passengers not to put padlocks on their suitcases before heading on a flight.

The Transport Security Administration worker in the USA posted on TikTok to explain why you shouldn't bother securing your bags with the case's build in lock.

Many people opt for a combination lock as they don't require a key, reports the Mirror.

Locking your property up can give travellers a sense of security as most believe it means their things won't be searched through or stolen while in transport.

But, the security worker showed just how easy it is to break through the zip of a suitcase using a pen, demonstrating that the locks don't really add any protection against anyone who wants to access the contents.

He said: "If you're ever traveling, make sure you are aware of how security systems in your bag can be breached.

"A lot of people I see travel with locks on their suitcases with special combinations, but with just a pen, you are actually able to breach a suitcase's security.

"The pen to the zipper technique has been around for tons of years, so I wanted show you guys this, so you know to look out for it.

"I'm just going to go all the way around and this once zipped up bag was opened with just a pen."

The security guard went on to give his suggestion for a more secure kind of bag.

He said: "The best kinds of zippers have covers over them. That's an extra added layer of security for your luggage when you're traveling."

The video proved a huge hit online and inspired other travel enthusiasts to offer their own bag-related advice.

One person said: "Always clingwrap your bags. Most airports have this as a service, but you can do it at home!"

Another added: "Just don't store anything valuable in luggage."

In recent months passengers concerned about their bags following issues with luggage returns have been using tracking devices to keep an eye on the location of their items.

One woman was actually able to hunt down her case – finding it had been to McDonalds – via her smart tag.

But, there are various rules about smart luggage and air tags in the hold of most planes.

Airlines including easyJet, TUI, Ryanair and more have differing policies about smart luggage that Brits are being urged to check before they fly.

Under UK regulations, bags with location devices inside are only allowed in the hold if steps have been taken to make sure they don't turn on accidentally and that they are protected enough so they won't be accidentally damaged.

The devices must also be switched off completely, and "not in sleep or hibernation mode".

That final rule means that AirTags and other locating devices are effectively banned from being checked-in on all commercial flights in the UK, as they don't work without being turned on.


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