Brits warned to check blank pages in their passports before travelling abroad

A travel expert has urged Brits to start checking their passports' blank pages before heading on holidays abroad.

While UK holidaymakers are already having to double check the validity of their documents due to new EU rules, one insider has warned that you should also be looking for where there is blank space in your passport.

Cody Candee, CEO, and founder of luggage storage company Bounce, says that few people are aware of a rule relating to blank passport pages.

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"If you run out of blank passport pages you will have to renew your passport sooner than your renewal date," he said. "Some countries, such as Italy, require a fully blank visa page for valid entry, while others, such as South Africa require at least two.

"Be sure to check the requirements of your chosen destination before traveling so that you don’t get caught out."

Of course, your passport's validity is still one of the most important checks to make before you even book a trip.

"Not only should your passport be valid for your departure date, but many countries require your passport to be in date for at least six months after your arrival," Cody said. "This remains true, even if you’re visiting for a day."

Since the UK left the EU, there are new rules in force; Brits' passports should be valid for at least three months after the day travellers plan to leave, and must also have been issued less than 10 years before the date you enter the country.

Cody says it is important to renew your passport as soon as you can if it doesn't meet these requirements.

"With the cost of fast-tracking a new passport significantly more expensive than standard applications, we recommend renewing your passport well in advance," he continued.

"If you have less than six months validity, we recommend applying for a new passport immediately.

"Not only are processing times currently around ten weeks, but as travel is back on the cards for many following the pandemic, the Home Office is predicting another massive year for renewals."

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