Cheapest destination for Easter holidays an ‘amazing’ experience – and hotels are just £27

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A recent study by Bounce analysed the average nightly cost of three-star hotels in March and April in 70 of the most popular tourist destinations across the world. What is the cheapest city for an Easter holiday?

The destination with the highest possible savings by month is Jaipur, in India.

The vibrant city has the best hotel deals, especially for a stay in March, with a cost of £27 on average.

Rio de Janeiro is also another cheap destination to visit over the Easter period, with a hotel room costing just £59 in April.

Easter is also the best time to visit Johannesburg, Beijing and Munich.

One of the most expensive countries to visit over Easter, however, is Italy.

Popular destinations such as beautiful Cinque Terre, Milan and Rome see prices increase over the Easter months.

But what are the cheapest and most expensive times to book and travel in 2022?

The cheapest days to travel vary by destination, but on average Saturday is the best day for a cheap hotel deal.

In addition, checking in on a Saturday is less popular and could save Britons a lot of money.

The most expensive day on average to book a hotel room for the night is Friday.

January is the cheapest month to travel while July is the most expensive month for a holiday.

It is the priciest month to visit some of the most popular destinations such as Dubrovnik, Tokyo, and Florence.

Cheapest destinations in March and April based on average daily hotel cost

Jaipur, India – March, £27

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – April, £59

Johannesburg, South Africa – April, £59

Beijing, China – March, £45

Munich, Germany – March, £67

San Francisco, US – March, £163

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But would Britons enjoy Jaipur, the cheapest destination to visit this Easter?

Jaipur is a popular spot known as the Pink City of India and it is also the Capital City of Rajasthan, also famous for Rajasthani traditional jewellery, traditional fabrics and handicrafts, and traditional Rajasthani cuisine.

Many Britons who visited the city recommended doing the Elephant Joy tour, as “a fantastic way to experience the elephants”.

Antoine B explained on Tripadvisor: “I visited this place for a few hours and I thought it was fantastic. It’s a very special experience to be able to be so close and connected to such amazing creatures. The elephants are very peaceful and friendly, it was a once in a lifetime experience and worth very penny.”

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