Dictator’s granddaughter Rachele Mussolini turns tour guide for Italian Fascism

Rachele Mussolini, the youngest grandchild of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, has turned tour guide.

She will address holidaymakers on a history tour in Italy called “Duce! The Rise and Fall of Italian Fascism”, run by Historical Trips.

Rachele, 43, herself a politician for the right-wing Fratelli d’Italia (“Brothers of Italy”) party, will meet the tour in Predappio, the Mussolini family’s hometown.

Here, she will address the tour group and answer questions on living with the legacy of her infamous forebear.

She will also open the family crypt in Predappio, which holds the remains of Benito Mussolini and other family members, for the group to visit.

Historical Trips’ co-founder Nigel Jones said: “We believe that this is the first time since the dictator’s downfall and death in 1945 that a member of the Mussolini family has spoken to a British tour group, and this is in keeping with Historical Trips’ pioneering ethos.

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